German soccer player Toni Leistner jumps into stands, sparks scuffle with abusive fan: ‘That’s when I missing it’

Hamburg defender Toni Leistner walked into the stands after his team’s 4-1 loss to Dynamo Dresden in the German Cup on Monday to confront a vocal opposing supporter. The fan allegedly threw insults at Leistner approximately his circle of relatives, wife and daughter, which caused Leistner to go up to the man, seize him by the shirt, and bring him to the ground. The surrounding fans started shoving the player in retaliation before security came in to stop things from escalating further.

Video of the incident shows that Leistner if truth be told stopped all over a post-match interview to kick off this physical confrontation. 

Leistner apologized for his actions on Instagram after the match and incident, and tried to provide an explanation for why he took such drastic measures.

“After the match in my hometown, I used to be verbally abused from the stands. I will be able to in most cases cope with it. But this was once extremely and massively below the belt, against my circle of relatives, my wife and my daughter,” he wrote.

“That’s when I missing it, even more so because it was once already an extremely emotional match for me. Regardless, this must have never happened to me. I am a father who wants to serve as a role-model. I apologise in all forms and can only promise that — it doesn’t matter what insults are thrown my way — this will never happen again.”

The specifics of what was once said towards Leistner have not been made public, but whatever they were, they were it seems that regarded as disgraceful enough that Dresden, who he used to play for from 2010 to 2014, if truth be told came out with a strong remark condemning the fan who was once grabbed.

“Disgraceful post-match insults against Toni Leistner from a fan of his hometown club,” the team said in a remark. “We are searching for that person because we will be able to not let this incident stand like that. We’d like to thank 99.9 percent of those attending the match today for their strengthen.” 

Even the club’s press officer, Henry Buschmann, said this would not result in any stain on Leistner’s repute, according to ESPN.

“What I will be able to add is that Toni Leistner has his heart in the correct place and is at all times welcome in Dresden. Emotions are a part of football,” he said.

As for why fans were in attendance in the first place, authorities allowed spectators to view the German Cup match after Dresden proposed mandatory masks and social distancing for those in the stadium. But it is a direction that German sports were heading towards anyways, as the successful implementation of anti-coronavirus measures has provided the government enough confidence to allow spectators in limited numbers to watch games in stadiums when the Bundesliga starts.

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