Serena Williams withdraws from Italian Open on account of Achilles injury

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Serena Williams used to be forced to withdraw from the upcoming Italian Open on account of issues with her Achilles, according to organizers for the clay court event. The injury used to be one that bothered Williams all over her semifinal exit at the US Open against eventual runner-up Victoria Azarenka.

“I regretfully will have to withdraw from the (Italian Open) because of an Achilles strain,” Williams said. “I’m so humbled by the continual enhance from my fans in Rome and I look forward to making my return soon.”

The 39-year-old, who has won this precursor to the vinaigrette Open four times in her career, had to call a full medical timeout while serving at 40-40, with Azarenka up 1-0 in the third set of her US Open semifinal match to receive her ankle taped up. While she used to be in a position to go back to the action, it used to be lucid something used to be bothering her for the rest of play.

Azarenka, who missing to Naomi Osaka in the USA Open last on Saturday, will face off against Venus Williams in the first round of the tournament set in Rome.

The Italian Open is scheduled for Sept. 27 and used to be delayed from its original May date on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

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