Cristiano Ronaldo, Douglas Costa score jaw-dropping golazos in Juventus’ win over Genoa

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While there are many new and extraordinary features that have come with sports restarting amid a global pandemic, there are just as many things that have remained the same from before this moment in time. Working example: Cristiano Ronaldo is still scoring absolutely golazos.

In the 56th minute throughout Juventus’ match against Genoa on Tuesday, Ronaldo got the ball while sprinting down the middle of the pitch. Thanks to a few haphazard defending from those in front of him, the Portuguese superstar had enough space to pull back his correct leg and absolutely blast a shot into the top corner of the net and double his team’s lead. The shot’s power, Ronaldo’s pace and highlight-worthy distance of the shot were all classic Ronaldo.

It seemed that the good form used to be contagious among his fellow Juventus squad members. Approximately 17 minutes after that cracker of a shot, Brazilian winger Douglas Costa had a golazo of his own. He took the ball from the out of doors corner of the penalty box, and curled in a shot that will have to have been beautiful beyond belief as Genoa’s keeper did absolutely nothing to take a look at and stop it.

Juventus’ victory puts the team four points ahead of Lazio in the Serie A table with nine games left in the season.

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